CREDO for education

Lately, authors of business publications are increasingly referring to the fact that the users need to be raised from a young age. In the consortium, such work has been conducted for more than 15 years! For this purpose, in 1999, a programme for cooperating with educational institutions — CREDO FOR EDUCATION — was established.

This programme is aimed at:

  • helping an educational institution to be attractive both for entrants and for their future employers;
  • upgrading qualifications of teaching staff;
  • solving the problem of continuing professional education and professional development.

Over the life of CREDO FOR EDUCATION programme, more than 300 higher and advanced education institutions have acquired CREDO software products. More than 350 teachers of educational institutions have been trained in working with CREDO systems. The geography of participants in our academic programme is very extensive: all regions of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Lithuania.

CREDO FOR EDUCATION programme is 8 training kits for various areas of training future professionals. Each of these kits include 11 workstations of main CREDO systems.
The training kits correspond to the basic directions of training young professionals: industrial, civil and road construction, engineering and geodesic and engineering-geological survey, cadastral work, surveying work and mining.

To increase the effectiveness of our cooperation with educational institutions under the programme, a number of measures were taken:

  • conducting consultations under technological support in creating laboratory works, methodological and training aids. Leading professionals of our company as well as teaching staff of educational insitutions that successfully implemented CREDO technologies are involved in this work;
  • cooperation with higher educational insititutions in head of designated academic methodological associations on creating methodological recommendations for teaching process development;
  • meetings with professionals from «Credo-Dialogue» at various field events;
  • free training for teachers from educational institutions participating in CREDO FOR EDUCATION programme;
  • participations of students and teachers in consortium projects — Expeditions, Olympiads and Conferences;
  • providing online access to CREDO systems.