Cadastral work


Preparing source data

Creating and editing geometry of cadastral object

Completing document details and parameters of cadastral object

Creating drawings, schemes of geodetic constructions and object’s location

Creating reports



CREDO software complex is used for creating and issuing documents that are required for cadastral registration of real estate properties. For this purpose, professionals use software products of CREDO cadastral line: CREDO CADASTRE, “CREDO Cadastre updates monitor” application as well as CREDO_DAT, TRANSCOR, TRANSFORM and online module “Cadastral work” of CREDO GEOSMETA program.


Issuance of documents essential for cadastral registration of real estate and land management properties including text and graphic part (drawings and schemes) of delimitation plan, technical plans, demarcation plan and map (plan).

Preparing digital documents in the form of *.XML files and attachments ready to be sent to cadastral information administration.


The work of a cadastral engineer begins with the collection of source data.  These data can be obtained both from third party products (AutoCAD, MapInfo, Panorama) and from CREDO software complex (CREDO_DAT, TRANSCOR, TRANSFORM). In addition, users can import data in XML format: cadastral extracts, territorial plans, certificates and ownership statements. CREDO software products support raster map files, plans, aerial photos of all formats (CRF, BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG etc) and satellite images from “Express Kosmosnimki” website.


Before importing data to CREDO CADASTRE you  need to specify the type of the document: demarcation plan, map (plan), technical plan of a building, room, structure or facility under construction.

On the basis of the imported data you can create the geometry of the cadastral object using a number of methods: simple constructions, creating elements or creating on the base of an existing contour, merging existing contours, dividing the existing contour, constructing a corridor (the width of which can differ on sides), creating in the table etc. You can easily edit the objects created in CREDO CADASTER. The system features the commands for editing parameters both of the whole object and its specific elements. It’s possible to inspect the object for intercrossings, edit linear and point elements by group method, interactively change the object’s area for given parameters, move links and nodes. By using the group edit mode you can quickly set or edit common parameters for all selected objects.

Whole geometry of cadastral objects is created on the basis of the special styles.  Each style has its own corresponding parameters which define the appearance of the object in accordance with The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation orders.


After the geometry of cadastral object has been created, required parameters must be filled in. These parameters will be used in creating a paper report and XML file. This task can be completed in various ways: by inputting data manually, selecting required values from the dropdown lists or selecting the object interactively.  All the parameters are filled in according to the templates of a standard form.

Thanks to a strict automatic control of the data input the system reduces the risk of getting a refusal from cadastre chamber because of a misprint or carelessness almost to non-existence. The control is also performed when you input data to the fields which contain the lists of fixed values from reference materials and classifiers. In case of these data are inputted incorrectly the system will warn you about this and won’t let the command to be completed until the error is fixed.

In one-window mode you can quickly fill in the data on the version of report, project template (there are templates for each type of work, you just need to select the required template and all parameters will comply with this exact task) as well as commissioner of work, cadastral engineer who do this work, measuring means, coordinate systems etc. Filling of these details is automated. It’s enough to fill them once and then save them as a template. When creating the next object, you can select them manually or activate the “Use by default” command.


Any package of documents is insufficient without graphic imaging of the object. In the systems of cadastral product line, you can prepare all the required drawings and schemes. Before moving to the drawing model you need to perform the pre-processing. For this purpose, the special projects are used where you can arrange a scheme of geodetic constructions by building it from scratch or relying on the imported data.

For the location plan you would need either to load a raster substrate and link it right in the program or to perform an additional digitalizing of the raster by situational objects (on the basis of the feature classifier).  Completed drawings and schemes can be sent to print, exported to DXF format or saved as bitmap image. Tools for additional constructions, вынос размеров and automated generation of symbols and land use table for given parameters are available.


All text documents are created on the basis of ready-made templates for reports and statements. Paper reports include drawings and schemes which allows the users to receive a ready document and removes the necessity of doing everything manually.

Using “Template Editor” application provides a means for creating almost unlimited number of different forms for reports.

The appearance of XML documents is formed in accordance with current requirements of cadastral information administration (Rosreestr). When you create paper and digital reports in CREDO CADASTRE, the system performs an automated check for all necessary fields to be filled with data as well as for validity.  Found errors are sent to the interactive export protocol “Data errors” which makes it possible to fix these errors immediately in a single-window mode.

CREDO CADASTRE provides means for electronic workflow through “CREDO cadaster updates monitor” application. This application helps to prepare a package of electronic documents and send it to cadastral information administration of Rosreestr via the direct interaction service (Rosreestr).

The functionality of this application allows you to:

  • sign all files of document packages generated in CREDO CADASTRE systems;
  • create a zip-archive required to be sent to cadastral information administration, which includes XML-files of delimitation or technical plan and a statement as well as images of enclosed documents;
  • create and sent corresponding types of applications (requests) required for cadastral registration or receiving information from National Register or State Registration Chamber;
  • receive current statuses of sent applications (requests) and response papers (passports, extracts, etc.).


The output of the work of cadastral specialist in CREDO complex is high-quality documents required for cadastral registration of real estate items that include text and drawings: delimitation plan, technical plans, the map (plan) and electronic documents — XML files and attachments with the possibility of electronic workflow with cadastral information administration


The software products included in the cadastral line of CREDO software complex allow you to fully automate the process of preparing and releasing the documents required for the cadastral registration of real estate objects and to solve production tasks proficiently using the minimum time.