Application of credo software complex for master plan design


Design technologies



One of the application areas of CREDO software complex is the design of master plans for industrial enterprises, structures, construction sites, objects of architecture and urban planning as well as civil building.  CREDO technologies allow the design engineer to automate the process of master plan design without interrupting a common activity chain.  The main tool for solving such problems is CREDO GENPLAN. At the same time, the technological line of master plans design is organically integrated into other application areas of CREDO software complex.


  • Creating a digital terrain and situation models which are the basis for further design of all master plan sections.
  • Horizontal leveling of the territory, building and structures layout.
  • Design of vertical leveling of sites, buildings, entrances, driveways etc.
  • Design of communication profiles, driveway axes, drainage ditches.
  • Creating layout plans, site grading plans, utility summary plans, plans of site improvement and gardening.
  • Calculating earth quantities.
  • Calculating the volume of excavation work on the basis of the settlement of mound on a weak base.
  • Creating a full-fledged 3D digital model of a design solution


The source materials for designing general plans in CREDO GENPLAN systems are sub-base materials — maps, plan sheets and topographic plans prepared either in CREDO software products or in other programs.

Scanned raster documents can be used as a digital sub-base. Before loading bitmaps you can remove various distortions and set CS in TRANSFORM system.

The system can load files prepared in CREDO_DAT system, text files, DXF files, laser scanning points and satellite images.

For a full-fledged design of all sections of the master plan you would need a 3D terrain model, existing situation and site’s geology. These data are created in CREDO TOPOPLAN and CREDO GEOLOGY systems. Also, by using CREDO GENPLAN system, you can create an initial terrain model, plot buildings, structures, utilities and trees.

CREDO CONVERTER is designed to simplify the transfer of source data from other systems.

CREDO GENPLAN can solve any problem of horizontal leveling. The possibilities of interactive construction allow creating, editing and putting on the project site both simple and complex industrial and civil engineering sites. Typical objects can be saved accumulating a library of design solutions. The work can be carried out both in main and additional coordinate systems.

The key aspect of master plan design is the alignment of roads and streets with the projected site. When designing master plans of industrial enterprise one should take account of existing access ways.

Vertical leveling of the territory largely depends on height of transport facilities The road projects imported from CREDO ROADS system allow you to align the territory both on plane and vertically.

CREDO GENPLAN system provides the methods for creating and editing project surfaces, planning roadway profiles, creating retaining walls, border stones and planes, joint work surface with relief, configure appearance of surfaces; all of these methods allow performing vertical leveling of any complexity.

Visual control of surface generation with the use of triangles’ faces, directions and gradient of flow as well as sections overview allow you to evaluate the correctness of the constructions performed.   You can view a 3D image of surfaces using the additional VISUALIZATION program.

Calculation of earth quantities in CREDO GENPLAN system is carried out in various ways. Customizable grids for the earth layout and volume styles allow you to generate the earth mass plan according to your requirements.

By using CREDO SETTLEMENT you can calculate earthworks volume considering the fill settlement on a weak base. Values of fill settlement are calculated in accordance with the Industry Building Code 26-90 “Instruction for the design and construction of motor ways of Western Siberia oil and gas fields” As a result of calculation, surfaces with the values of the fill settlement and peat thickness are created.  Grid of volumes with data on fill settlement allows generating the earth mass plan. In addition to the standard values, the grid nodes display the values of peat depth and fill settlement as well as the summary table contains data on the volume of settlement.

The results of calculations can be completed in the form of reports which may include geology and fill settlement.

The methods of interactive constructions allow creating underground, aboveground and overground utilities, wells, supporting structures, pedestrian ways, landscaping objects, small architectural forms and sites of various purposes as well as other structures and elements for creating a utility summary plan or a plan of site improvement. Communication profiles can be created both on horizontal and vertical sections. Distributed libraries allow displaying objects of landscaping and utility summary plan through corresponding symbols with semantics.   The library can also be enriched with symbols created by the user.

The results of work are completed in the form of corresponding plan drawings, utility system profiles and reports.


Results of design can be obtained in the form of reports and drawings of various types.

3D digital model is the main output result of design work. Digital models of design solutions serve as a data basis for further collaboration with other units and organizations that work in CREDO systems or other software products.

CREDO CONVERTER allows exporting digital models of terrain and situation as well as various design solutions to third party systems.


Using a variety of data sources for creating a digital terrian model; powerful possibilities for geometric construction; interactive creation of horizontal leveling objects of any complexity; original methods for modeling and editing project surfaces; design of engineering utility systems on horizontal or vertical sections; territory landscaping; accurate and rapid computation of earthworks volume; preparation and issuance of drawings; preparation of the project’s 3D digital model in CAD and GIS; parallel work of several users on a single project — this is by no means complete list of features provided by CREDO GENPLAN system.