User training is a part of our job which is paid no less attention than the development of software products. We teach not just how to work with our software products — we teach new engineering technologies. We are constantly introducing new forms and ways of teaching, thereby making the training courses more accessible, interesting and effective.

Over the years of existence of CREDO training programs, about 13000 professionals have completed courses in CREDO Regional Training Centers where the educational process is conducted by certified trainers.

A signle center that controls the execution of all training activities for CREDO users is ANO FVE «CREDO — education».

Today ANO FVE «CREDO-education» and CREDO Regional Training Centers offer courses in all application areas of CREDO software products and technologies:

  • master plan design;
  • engineering and geological work;
  • geodetic work in engineering surveying and cadastral work;
  • topographic map creation;
  • transportation lines design;
  • mining etc.


Part-time courses consist of two parts: lectures combined with practical exercises and independent work. At the lectures, the facilitator of the course gives the participants information about the work in software products. In the course of performing practical tasks and exercises prepared on the basis of real production projects, the skills in programs are worked out. When doing independent tasks and testing of knowledge acquired you can use educational and methodological materials in CREDO Interactive Training Center.

Individual training is intended for those organizations that want to train their employees on an indivudal basis. Such classes can be conducted both on the basis of the customer enterprise and at the nearest CREDO training center. For the companies branches of which are located in different regions, individual training can be conducted remotely. An important feature of such training is that the course program is developed by taking into account the specifics of enterprise employees work and targets specific tasks and projects. Flexible schedule of training events, the opportunity to train the maximum number of professionals with minimal losses of working hours and individual approach make this form of training the most effective and interesting for CREDO users and those who is planning to join them.

Remote training is intended for professionals who can not come to training centers and want to receive on-the-job training.  The training is conducted in the form of webinars. Participation in webinar assumes teamwork of the teacher and the group in real time in a virtual classroom. During the lecture, participants can ask questions both to the trainer and colleagues as well as discuss the information provided. At the end of a course, all participants are provided with webinar records.
Currently our company offers another kind of remote training — offline. The training includes thematic webinars (lecture part of the course), practical and test assignments, consultations with the teacher via Skype or e-mail, indivdual studies with working materials based on webinars (lectures) and consultations with the teacher in online format or on-site by prior arrangement Apply for offline training

Master classes allow participants to get acquainted with features of CREDO software products and the specifics of solving engineering tasks at a particular technological stage with a day or two. In the course of master class, trainers introduce CREDO systems to students showing them the sequence of actions and discuss the result with participants.

Upon completion of training, professionals receive national continuing education certificates.

You can get detailed information on the modes, cost and terms of training in the training centers that carry out their activities on the basis of organizations participating in the consortium and partner organizations.